Time’s Up

The Three Fates



The Myth of Inanna




Private Rituals

Alison Blickle Reunion
The cup That Fills Itself
Alison Blickle Graces
Alison Blickle Three of Vessels

History of Magic, Part III… Uncrossing

The Town (Installation)
Meeting (Installation)
Betrayal (Installation)
Betrayal (Dark)
Betrayal (Light)
Betrayal detail
Gathering (Installation)
Uncrossing (Installation)
Defeat (Installation)

History of Magic, Part II… Initiation

Justice - 65x45 in. - oil on canvas & ceramics - 2014

Cloak - 85x67 in - oil on canvas & ceramic - 2014
Initiation - 55.5x80 in. - oil on canvas & ceramics - 2014
Stab - 72x48 in. - oil on canvas & ceramics - 2014
Fighting With the Shadow - 48x74 in. - oil on canvas & ceramics - 2014
The Tent - 48x60 in. - oil on canvas - 2013

History of Magic, Part I… The Hermitage

Alison Blickle - The Visitor
Alison Blickle - Devotional
Alison Blickle - Star Map
The Blue Room
Alison Blickle - Hand of the Philosopher
The Hermitage
Collection of Objects
Perpetual Discontent
Round Star Map

The Patio